Fibers in stainless steel tube production line

SZ stranding line

Shanghai in china Weiye OFC Equipment C. Ltd has been specialised in dietary fiber optical cable television machinery investigating and manufactuering for more than fifteen years. We are the actual specialized manufacture for fibers optic cable machinery, this sort of as Soluble fiber coloring unit, secondary layer line, SZ stranding collection, sheathing series, fiber bow machine, while all kinds of in house cable production line. Back in 2011, Shanghai Weiye started to be a joint-venture company using Tongding Group. In the particular the latest several years, Our own yearly manufacturing volume grows to 30 , 000, 000 USD. The equipment possesses high doing work speed, high-quality, and tend to be highly automatic. Through 12-15 years we have by no means changed our factory street address, techniques the insistance upon premium quality and resolution in customer satisfaction.

SZ stranding line

Shanghai Weiye features a self-owned manufacturing herb. The available making place counts to over 4001 sqm. The plant offers material operating workshop, welding work shop, surface treating function store, electric components constructing workhop, mechanical components perform go shopping, debug and analyze working work shop. Far more than three months people are usually enrolled in our firm. The majority of them are experiences manuacturers along with tenchinicians, who get been working in this kind of field for more when compared with 10 years. One of them, right now there is one nationa acadamician (Well-known expert Mr. Xie Yijian), one supreme category engineers, 25 engineers. Typically the quatity of engineers number to more than a third on the whole staff. baking pan id="eWebEditorTempInsertTag"> 


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